2 Mar – Near-Finalized Floorplan

This is a near-finalized floorplan, subject to our interior designer’s approval!  We have spent countless hours rehashing things down to the inch!

Here’s how things are looking now:

  • We decided to eliminate the Attic development.
  • Front Closet
  • Front Room can serve as Living Room on Left or Right, either way you like!
  • Eliminated the (current) Awkward Bay Window
  • Side Door at the Front instead of French Doors; Big Window
  • Pellet Stove Below TV is an option
  • Bathroom is near to existing plumbing
  • Kitchen now fully Galley + Island
  • 2nd & 3rd Bedrooms Have Sloped Ceilings
  • Enclosed Laundry Machines.  We will need to run insulated plumbing for them.
  • Bench in Mudroom
  • Rear Mudroom Area Now Has A “Lid” for the stairway that adds floor space!
  • Flooring – Marmoleum, Diagonal Tile, and Hardwood
  • Large Soaker Tub with Armrests

(Note: If you had been looking at my old drawings, carefully check the scale.  In some drawings I had posted the scale bar was totally wrong. The house is, in reality, approximately 20’10” wide.)

2 Mar Post-Shelley

3D View

Check out this idea for the stairway to the basement:

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